Our inaugural Merino Industry Information Day at Heathfield on Friday, 24 August 2018 proved to be a worthwhile event with 55 people attending throughout the day.

It was a bit of a rush leading up to the day with preparations – tree trimming, building ram pens, adjusting yards and gates, painting the outside of the shed, cleaning, clearing and setting up inside, and getting catering sorted…. but it was worth it!

A few of our September drop penned rams on display on the day.

Indications from everyone who gave feedback are that they enjoyed the day and found it very interesting and informative, and we also gained a few new and prospective clients.

Key Highlights:

Our speakers were excellent in their knowledge sharing sessions. Andrew Whale was very easy to understand and provided concise practical information, including pros and cons of feeding in the current conditions, and the profitability of feeding for maintenance versus feeding for weight gain on different classes of sheep.

Andrew Whale presenting to the attendees.

Marty Moses was very interesting to listen to, with very positive comments being received about his incredible wealth of knowledge, experience and insight into the wool “job”. Marty discussed the points of difference of his business, other aspects of the industry, research and looking to the future of the industry.

Marty Moses presenting to the attendees.

The Agriwebb Farm Management App seemed like a very useful and comprehensive tool, and a big thank you to Craig Whiting and Will King from Agriwebb and Bayer for running the BBQ.

Des Humphrey gave us a run-down on his self-designed spreadsheet for capturing premiums through analysing the clip by micron.

Des Humphrey giving a demo of the clip calculator.

Following the speaker sessions, a group took a trip up the paddock to see our native vegetation plantings.


Thank you for making our day a success

Thank you to everyone who attended, and special thanks to those who worked with us in the lead up to the day and helped things to run smoothly on the day. Of course also a big thanks to Marty Moses and his team at Moses & Son and Bluechip Livestock for their support with this event.

If you’re interesting in purchasing rams, please see our 2018 Sale Ram Listing here.