We invite you to join us…

Come along for 10 mins, 2 hours or the whole day – our Merino Industry Information day brings together guest speakers, poll rams, talks, walks and technology.

We have been breeding Poll Merinos at Heathfield, Boorowa for over 30 years and commenced selling Poll Merino Rams in 2017. We feel very confident in our sheep genetics and welcome you to inspect our sale rams throughout the day. Our passion lies in producing:

  • well-balanced, modern, profitable sheep that are designed to thrive
  • heavy cutting, fine wool sheep, with fertility and frame

There will be complementary breakfast, morning tea and lunch, and in inclement weather the shearing shed will be used.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you 🙂

Steve and Lydia

Friday, 24th August 2018, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

326 Heathfield Rd, Boorowa, NSW

The Day’s Activities

Rams on display from 8.30am – 5.00pm

Our September 2017 drop sale rams will be penned for display with their current individual information. They will also be available for purchase on the day in $1200 and $800 grades, and delivery is available if needed.

Speakers from 9.00 – 11.00 am

Enjoy talks on key areas of success for profitable sheep management, cutting edge research for the best performance, tips on lambing paddock design and livestock shelter, and more.

More on our speakers here

BBQ breakfast and lunch

Come and join us for brekky from 8.30am – sausages, bacon and egg rolls and barista-made coffee! Morning tea and lunch will also be provided.

Shelter belt walk

View 30 years of farm revegetation that is providing multiple benefits to our farming operation at Heathfield.

Farm management tech talk

A representative from AgriWebb will give a short presentation on the AgriWebb farm management app.

More about our speakers

andrew whale
Andrew Whale,
Livestock Logic Veterinary Consultant

Andrew will discuss the key areas that he sees successful sheep producers getting right on a regular basis.  Lamb survival, lamb growth rates, worm management are all key areas of success for profitable sheep management and will be a focus of the discussion.

+ Read Andrew's bio

As a veterinary consultant with a passion for working with sheep, Andrew works with both wool and prime lamb producers in NSW, Victoria and South Australia with a focus on improving animal health and nutrition in a profitable manner.

marty moses and sons
Martin (Marty) Moses,
Moses & Son

For the past 9 years Marty and his team have been directly involved in cutting edge Merino research, donating their time, sheep and properties to extracting the best performances out of the Merino sheep and the enterprises that the Merino contributes to. Described as “sheep tragics”, Marty and his team have a clear vision on extracting the incredible possibilities for the future in sheep and wool as well as a commitment to addressing and overcoming the challenges presented to the industry.

+ Read Marty's bio

Marty is the current Managing Director of Moses & Son. He is the 4th generation member of the company with 38 years in the Sheep and Wool Industry. In addition to conducting the family businesses Marty has spent over 25 years on numerous industry committees and 18 years as a Director representing woolbrokers on the board of the Australian Wool Exchange. Marty was a foundation member of MerinoLink and is passionate about the sheep and wool industry.

steve jarvis 2
Steve Jarvis,
Owner/Manager Heathfield

Steve will discuss lambing paddock design, and livestock shelter using native vegetation plantings. He will provide a guided farm walk to demonstrate the benefits of native vegetation and shelter belts.

+ Read Steve's bio

Steve Jarvis has been farming Heathfield since he was 16, and took over managing the family business at 18. He is about farming profitably while caring for the environment, and is very passionate about sheep and wool. Steve has been working hard over a long period of time to achieve depth of genetics in his poll Merinos. Since the 1980s thousands of native trees have been sown on the property to revegetate, provide habitat, encourage biodiversity, and provide stock shelter.


If you’re interested in coming along, let us know so that we can cater for you:

    About Heathfield Poll Merinos

    Steve Jarvis of Heathfield, Boorowa has been breeding Poll Merinos for over 30 years and commenced selling Poll Merino Rams in 2017.

    Steve and his wife Lydia are very confident in their sheep genetics, breeding an even line of:

    • heavy cutting fine wool sheep with fertility and frame, who are:
    • modern, profitable, well balanced, and designed to thrive.

    We are building a full website to be launched mid to late August 2018.

    This will have more information about us: our history, our sheep, our wool, revegetating the farm, our goals, and why we are so confident in our genetics, so please feel free to visit www.heathfieldpollmerinos.com again soon.

    Until then, you can read about what sets us apart from the rest here.