We really appreciate receiving feedback from our clients, particularly comments like these  …

After using Heathfield Poll Merinos for the first time the progeny displayed great staple length and density, whilst producing a very white wool with good nourishment, fine micron, deep crimped wool on an evenly balanced frame with great conformation.  A truly dual-purpose type of sheep with all the attributes I needed to continue breeding onto my fine wool flock in a high rainfall area of south west Victoria.

Mark Tonissen, ‘Merryvale’ Dunkeld

We have been buying Heathfield rams for a number of years now and find Steve and his family go above and beyond with the service they provide.  The rams always present well and produce a fantastic fleece with great yields.  We highly recommend Heathfield Poll Merinos.

Matt Blazley, Woodstock

Switching to Heathfield rams has had a big impact on our business.  Our fleece weights have increased dramatically while remaining true to our fine micron and goals for bright, bold crimping staples.  The other change we have noticed is our lambs grow much quicker to weaning and mature into strong, solid sheep.

Amy Tarrant, Hovells Creek


We also really appreciate these kind words from Marty Moses  …

I have been associated with Steve, Lydia and Pete for almost a decade.  I have observed Steve and Lydia’s Stud: Heathfield Poll Merinos’ progress closely, and I have been impressed by their ability to continually develop their Merino Stud’s genetics using Steve’s best practice selection techniques that have stood the test of time.

I would also like to point out that the Jarvis family and the Moses Family have a few things in common.  Firstly, we both have four generations of family actively involved in the sheep and wool industry, and we share an insatiable passion for the Merino sheep and wool industry.  In fact, many who know us call us “sheep tragics”.

We also share the common value of integrity in all that we do.  Having a chat with Steve, Lydia and Pete is at times like listening to my internal voice constantly questioning the validity and integrity of every decision we make on behalf of a customer.  So, when it comes to purchasing a ram from Heathfield Poll Merinos there is no sugar coating, no shiny decorations or mythical outcomes.  There is just the consistency of extremely high performance of their rams to produce low micron, heavy cutting sheep that have above average reproduction, lamb survival and growth.

This can be seen clearly year on year when the HEATHFIELD/BWA brand hits the auction floor and the sale room lights up – the exporters keen to purchase their exquisite wools for high end garments.

Continuing along the line of integrity, Heathfield Poll Merinos promote realistic price points for their ram purchasing clients and most importantly they are backed by the Heathfield promise of integrity, as they stand behind every ram.

In a market environment where the smallest improvements could be the difference between profit and loss for your enterprise, you should carefully consider your breeding objectives and the impact the ram source can have.

When you are considering your 2023 ram purchases, I would encourage you to take the time to inspect the Heathfield Poll Merino genetics.  In my opinion the Heathfield Poll Merino genetics present some of the best value in the market today.

Martin J Moses, Managing Director, Moses & Son Woolbrokers, Bluechip Livestock, Pinefarm Pty Ltd


And we also really appreciate a word from Andrew Whale …

The Jarvis family’s farming business is focussed on being sustainable and ethical.  Their passion is breeding Merinos with a focus on maintaining high fleece value and good reproductive traits.

Based on my 8 years of involvement with them, working as their vet consultant, I believe you can expect a relationship that is built on authenticity if you choose Heathfield Polls.

Andrew Whale, Veterinary Consultant, Livestock Logic, Hamilton, Victoria